IFC file


Definition of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) data model for describing and storing construction and industrial data. There is an open neutral file format specification that is not related to just one vendor or supplier group. It is based on the International Federation of Interoperability in Industry, Architecture and Construction.

The IFC model specification is open and accessible and is the usual format of information collaboration in various BIM software platforms. Scandinavian countries have introduced the obligation to use IFC models for public buildings in construction and design. In this short description, it would be concluded that the IT industry solved the problem of work on different software BIM platforms and solved the incompatibility between them. It can not be said to work in reality ACTIVELY.

In the estimation I can say that 40-50% of the data is gained (or lost) in the transfer from the basic data model to the IFC model. Then the IFC data model serves as a substrate you need to apply to get a virtual building model that will be fully-functional (a valid model that will contain all relevant building data to make the calculations credible) .......... (continued)


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