Technical consulting

In addition to the above, design and supervision as the third service in the package of our engineering offer is technical consulting. The investor's technical consulting service depends on the type of building (works), its complexity and size. Technical consulting services include:

provide advice to the Investor related to the preparation of project documentation, program, tendering, construction, construction costs and handover
selection of a designer, auditor, supervising engineer, contractor, certified geodetic engineer and other persons performing work related to the construction of buildings and consulting in contracting work with these persons
connecting and coordinating the work of the designer, auditor, supervising engineer, contractor, certified geodesy engineer and other persons involved in the construction and supervising their work in order to protect the rights and interests of investors,
obtaining acts, analyzes, studies, studies and other documents necessary for the preparation of the conceptual, main and execution project and the project for the removal of the building,
obtaining all documents and concluding all legal transactions necessary for the construction of the building and performing the actions that the investor is obliged to perform during the construction of the building.
planning and monitoring the audit of project implementation dynamics
economic processing of project management data
analysis of project documentation, main project, implementation documentation and cost estimates, and timely comments and possible additions to the documentation
cooperation with the Client in the formation of tender documentation
cooperation with the Client in forming the list of Bidders
tender notice together with the Client
analysis of received bids with comparative tables
proposing the most favorable Contractor to the Client
drafting a construction contract
cooperation with state parts
monitoring the course of the procedure for obtaining a location permit and confirmation of the main design of the building
risk analysis of expected costs and planned project implementation time
revision of project implementation plans
care for quality control procedures and implementation
determining proposals and drafting project implementation plans for the construction phase and the use phase
professional support in appeals, lawsuits or similar proceedings
checking all project and other documentation; of the draft and budget with regard to compliance and accuracy, and in case of identified deficiencies and / or disagreements before the execution of works to notify the Client in writing, in order to obtain the necessary clarification in a timely manner

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