Obnovljivi izvori energije


A brief overview of the application of renewable energy sources
What disturbance in nature should happen for the general public to accept the loud appeals of scientists, engineers and other experts and accept environmental protection in this case the use of renewable energy sources and thus reduce the use of fossil fuels for heating buildings. Article 72 of the Technical Regulation on the Rational Use of Energy and Thermal Protection in Buildings (OG 97/14) stipulates that for buildings with a usable area of ​​50 m2 and larger that must meet energy efficiency requirements and are heated to an internal temperature ≥18 ° C prepares the Study of Alternative Energy Supply Systems. The purpose of this study is to educate investors and users and see the benefits obtained by applying new technical solutions, renewable energy sources. As an expert who has prepared a large number of these studies, I can say with certainty that these studies serve as a contribution to meet the form of obtaining a building permit for the construction of a building. Although we as a company have tried to explain in an acceptable, sufficiently professional and understandable way why to apply renewable energy sources, the response of investors to our appeals is minor. We are witnessing the impact of human activities on the environment, uncontrolled CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus reducing the ozone layer, increasing air temperature on Earth and climate change. A lot of negative human impacts on the environment could be listed here, but all these factors are not enough for the Investor to listen to the voice of an expert and accept new solutions that are less burdensome for the Earth. I am often a participant in discussions with Investors who do not want to listen to the reasons why yes but are free to explain why not and it is obvious that their position came from a Google article that justifies his investment. On several occasions, I was amazed at the extent to which the Investor can deny the legislative framework for the use of renewable energy sources and energy savings. The legislative framework that emerged as a result of studying the application of technical solutions, the behavior of nature and natural resources with nonchalance is rejected and not applied. True, we may not like the legislative framework and its solutions, but the moment it is adopted and put into use, it is as such untouchable and necessarily applicable. I would be very happy if the mentioned (non) application of the law applies only to Investors, but unfortunately the law can not be applied by Engineers, those same people who should raise awareness about the preservation of the Earth and life on it. The same "modern disease" that reigns among investors, unfortunately, reigns among designers and engineers, self-care, greed, running for profit. The same "modern disease" did not affect the engineers who left us a legacy of knowledge, dignity, and which leads us to insignificance and necessary evil. A strong earthquake was recently felt in Zagreb, unfortunately the same earthquake was the only way that most investors trust their designers and do not ask additional questions why so much reinforcement was placed in the AB structure. Do we all need to reach the breaking point to understand that an immeasurable amount of budgets, studies, projects was done to avoid human catharsis and not to deceive or damage someone. The use of renewable energy sources (not fully renewable) is certainly not an ideal technical solution but one in a series of better solutions on the path of scientific and engineering testing towards the realization of the Holy Grail, pure energy. The terms savings and efficiency are often confused. With savings, there is a drop in comfort and reduced comfort in heating, cooling or ventilation systems, while with an efficient heating, cooling and ventilation system, we achieve complete comfort with acceptable overhead costs. In most of the prepared certificates for buildings can be read under the proposal of measures to improve the energy performance of the building - austerity measures and not measures to increase energy efficiency of the system while maintaining user comfort. economic analysis, financial possibility of the Investor, financial possibility of the buyer and perspective and development of the company's economy. In underdeveloped societies without sufficiently well-developed infrastructure, the country's share in the price of a square meter of residential or commercial space is so high that investors (from a simple economic calculation) avoid technical solutions using renewable energy sources due to the cost of the investment. In addition, take a good tax burden on the state and you will see the low potential of modern renewable energy solutions. I am convinced that the state with the same strength and will to control the use of renewable energy sources as the collection of tax burdens. all participants in society. Market, ie supply and demand of thermotechnical systems,would be balanced to the satisfaction of everyone in the chain. Obviously, it is not enough to pass laws, ordinances, regulations and expect that the awareness of citizens will "work" on its own. How high our awareness is, we could see in recent days on the example of the corona virus, where the Minister literally begs citizens to stick to self-isolation and thus not transmit the infection to other people. Looking at the world from the last twenty years spent in design, it is true that things are changing for the better in the application of renewable energy sources. Whether this pace of change is enough to stop trends in Earth pollution, as time will always show. I'm sure we'll find a cure for the crown, but I'm not sure about the "modern disease."

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